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The Global Geoparks Network (GGN) is currently made up of 140 UNESCO Global Geoparks in 38 countries across the world.

It provides a platform for cooperation and exchange between experts and practitioners in geological heritage and its protection, education and sustainable development. Through cooperation with  Global Geoparks Network partners, important local and national geological sites gain worldwide recognition and benefit from the exchange of knowledge and expertise with other UNESCO Global Geoparks, and improve the quality of the UNESCO Global Geoparks label.

UNESCO and the GGN develop models of best practice and set quality standards for territories that integrate the preservation of geological heritage into strategies for regional sustainable economic development. Members of the GGN are committed together and join in common projects to raise the quality standards of all products and practices of a UNESCO Global Geopark. By working together across borders, UNESCO Global Geoparks contribute to increasing understanding among different communities and as such contribute to not only economic development, but also to peace-building processes. Visit the UNESCO website for more information.


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In September 2007 the English Riviera received international recognition for its rich geological, historical and cultural heritage, it became one of just 57 areas around the world to endorsed by UNESCO and welcomed into both the European and Global Geopark Networks. Situated within the stunning, rolling hills of South Devon, Torbay’s geology has created the […]

The astonishing character of the Burren & Cliffs of Moher region has evolved through a powerful combination of geology, ecology, archaeology, agriculture, history, heritage, commerce, creativity and community. These rich and diverse influences infuse the area with a haunting, spectacular and world-unique beauty. The Burren is one of the largest and most accessible Karst regions […]

The Copper Coast is a stretch of the southern coast of Ireland in County Waterford. It is named for the historic metal mining industry the legacies of which now constitute a tourist attraction. This geologically diverse area contains records of Palaeozoic volcanism and the last ice age.The area was declared a European Geopark in 2001 and a […]

The Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark includes a wide variety of sites of interest in a swathe of countryside extending from the northern shores of Lower Lough Erne in County Fermanagh to the southern shores of Lough Oughter in County Cavan. Jointly managed by both Fermanagh District Council and Cavan County Council, the Geopark promotes […]