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The Global Geoparks Network (GGN) is currently made up of 140 UNESCO Global Geoparks in 38 countries across the world.

It provides a platform for cooperation and exchange between experts and practitioners in geological heritage and its protection, education and sustainable development. Through cooperation with  Global Geoparks Network partners, important local and national geological sites gain worldwide recognition and benefit from the exchange of knowledge and expertise with other UNESCO Global Geoparks, and improve the quality of the UNESCO Global Geoparks label.

UNESCO and the GGN develop models of best practice and set quality standards for territories that integrate the preservation of geological heritage into strategies for regional sustainable economic development. Members of the GGN are committed together and join in common projects to raise the quality standards of all products and practices of a UNESCO Global Geopark. By working together across borders, UNESCO Global Geoparks contribute to increasing understanding among different communities and as such contribute to not only economic development, but also to peace-building processes. Visit the UNESCO website for more information.


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A stunning landscape of open heather moors and peatlands, attractive dales and hay meadows, tumbling rivers and wonderful woods. As well as being home to some of the country’s most special birds, animals and plants, the North Pennines also has outstanding geodiversity, including world-class mineral deposits and a rich mining heritage.   To find out more […]

Stunning mountain landscapes, clean sandy beaches, ancient settlements, thriving communities – North West Highlands Geopark offers one of the best opportunities to explore wild places in Europe. Whatever your interests and however you choose to travel, the Geopark has some fantastic activities and amenities on offer for everyone, all year round. Put together an itinerary […]

Walk on an ancient ocean floor, explore an extinct volcano and stroll across shifting sands all in the space of a day. Along the way you will discover some of the most stunning scenery in the UK and find out how geology has influenced every part of life in Shetland.   For further information visit […]

Fforest Fawr (the name translates as ‘Great Forest’ in English) is a swathe of upland country which was included within the Brecon Beacons National Park when it was designated in 1957. These uplands lie at the heart of the Geopark although it extends beyond them to include much surrounding countryside. An appreciation of the landscape […]

Anglesey (Môn) is the largest of the Welsh islands, situated in the north west corner of  Wales. This internationally recognised Geopark covers some 720 square kilometres and has 201 kilometres of coastline.  The Geopark territory points to a spectacular geological heritage. Geological sites (Geosites) have been selected  for scientific quality, rarity, aesthetic appeal and educational […]