Our Geopark


Anglesey (Môn) is the largest of the Welsh islands, situated in the north west corner of  Wales. This internationally recognised Geopark covers some 720 square kilometres and has 201 kilometres of coastline.  The Geopark territory points to a spectacular geological heritage. Geological sites (Geosites) have been selected  for scientific quality, rarity, aesthetic appeal and educational value. Their interest may also be archaeological, ecological, historical, or cultural.


With rocks spanning 4 Eras and 12 Geological periods, 1,800 million years of history has fashioned more than 100 rock types.  Such is the variety of shapes and types, present through at least four mountain building periods, that casual visitors and local people alike cannot but marvel at the magnificient colours and structures visible around the coast of this magic isle.  Visit the GeoMon website to find out more.