Geopark Events

Our full 2018 programme of events for the Marble Arch Caves UNESCO Global Geopark is ready for your enjoyment. It is designed to embrace the ethos of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in hosting events within the Geopark area which reflect the rich natural and cultural heritage of the border regions of counties Fermanagh and Cavan.  The programme is also designed to cater for all interests: from family fun days, heritage and geology talks to walking and food festivals, craft workshops and guided rambles.  There is a mix of activities for all those interested in learning more about their Geopark.


FINAL Geopark Events Guide Jul-Dec 2018

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Date: 20th November, 2018

Time: 7pm - 8pm

As part of Science Week Celebrations join Joy O’Reilly from Sligo and local Geopark Guide Desmond Gough to learn about the benefits and reasons why meditation is so helpful to us in our everyday lives.  Located on this Geopark site, Jamp Ling Tibetan Buddhist Centre is an excellent place to find out how a regular […]

Date: 22nd December, 2018

Time: 1.45pm

Experience the magic of the Winter Solstice with local Geopark Guide Seamus O’hUltacháin at Cavan Burren Park.  Enjoy a guided sunset walk around this amazing relict landscape.  Walkers will be guided to the famous prehistoric monuments of Cavan Burren Park to experience how our ancestors related their place of burial and worship to the astronomical […]