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The Marble Arch Caves UNESCO Global Geopark, tucked away in the northwest corner of Ireland, is one of Ireland’s best examples of sustainable tourism. Straddling the border between counties Fermanagh and Cavan, this truly international Geopark takes in parts of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland allowing visitors to appreciate the best of what this unspoilt border region has to offer. Jointly managed by both Fermanagh & Omagh District Council and Cavan County Council, the Geopark includes a wide variety of sites of interest in a swathe of countryside extending from the northern shores of Lower Lough Erne in County Fermanagh to the southern shores of Lough Oughter in County Cavan.

At all our sites we promote the Leave No Trace Principles as well as the Geopark Code.

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Ballintempo Forest provides car parking, site interpretation and a way-marked walking route. Located 8 km from Belcoo village, Ballintempo is predominantly coniferous forest with large areas of open bog land and wooded gullies. The forest is strewn with outcrops of rocky crags and upland lakes including the well-known Brimstone Rock, a large outcrop of sandstone offering […]

The Plantation of Ulster in the early 17th Century was an attempt by the English monarchy to take control of the troublesome province of Ulster. After attempts by Queen Elizabeth I in the 16th century, it wasn`t until the Flight of the Earls in 1607 that King James began to confiscate lands and grant it […]

Lough MacNean is a large freshwater lake divided into two parts. Lower Lough MacNean the smaller eastern lake, located in County Fermanagh whilst Upper Lough MacNean, the larger western lake, is split between County Fermanagh, County Cavan and County Leitrim. On the strip of land between the two lakes are the villages of Belcoo and […]