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The Marble Arch Caves UNESCO Global Geopark, tucked away in the northwest corner of Ireland, is one of Ireland’s best examples of sustainable tourism. Straddling the border between counties Fermanagh and Cavan, this truly international Geopark takes in parts of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland allowing visitors to appreciate the best of what this unspoilt border region has to offer. Jointly managed by both Fermanagh & Omagh District Council and Cavan County Council, the Geopark includes a wide variety of sites of interest in a swathe of countryside extending from the northern shores of Lower Lough Erne in County Fermanagh to the southern shores of Lough Oughter in County Cavan.

At all our sites we promote the Leave No Trace Principles as well as the Geopark Code.

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Cuilcagh Mountain Park takes in 2,500 hectares on the northern slopes of Cuilcagh Mountain, at the heart of the Marble Arch Caves UNESCO Global Geopark. Cuilcagh Mountain Park was founded in 1998 with assistance from the European Union’s LIFE Peatlands Project and the Heritage Lottery Fund, to restore damaged peatland, to conserve pristine blanket bog […]

Carrigan Forest is situated approximately 12km outside the village of Derrygonnelly. It is the gateway between two significant expanses of upland forest, tucked between Big Dog Forest and Ballintempo Forest. Carrigan Forest showcases a landscape rich in limestone features. The tranquil shoreline of Lough Formal, which is fed by a resurgence (spring) provides a great […]

Big Dog Forest, cloaked largely with conifers, dotted with open stretches of upland landscapes and lakes, offers astonishing views, wilderness and exploration.  The 1,097 hectares of forest steeped in history and is located approximately 12 km outside the village of Derrygonnelly. The forest has an abundance of wildlife as varied as red deer, herons, dragonflies […]

  This delightful short walk leads you to one of the most incredible views in the whole Geopark! Follow the farm track as it winds through patches of hazel forest that often harbour the feral goats which inhabit the area. The path begins to steepen as it winds up Gortmaconnell Rock – a huge mound […]

    Moneygashel Cashel, located not far from Blacklion, includes the remains of three stone Cashels, one of which has been described as ‘the finest of its kind in southern Ulster.’ The Cashel dates from the early Christian period. A cashel is a secure circular enclosure which accommodated houses and animal shelters. This area also boasts evidence […]

Tully Castle nestled on the shores of Lower Lough Erne is the impressive remains of a fortified house and bawn built during the plantation era in the early 17th century. The site contains a restored 17th century style garden, which has been recreated for visitors. A walking route taking in the grandeur of the castle, […]

Castle Archdale Forest is a 520 hectare mixed broadleaved and coniferous lowland forest located on the shores of Lower Lough Erne. There is a network of car parks, picnic sites, walks, family cycle trails, fishing jetties and viewpoints throughout the forest. The forest is a richly varied one in terms of views and features and […]

Located just outside the village of Milltown, County Cavan on a beautiful site overlooking Garfinny Lough,  the intriguing monastic site of Drumlane includes an abbey, a monastery and a remarkably intact round tower constructed in the year 555AD. Although the monastery is closely affiliated to St. Mogue, it is believed the site was constructed some time […]

Belmore Forest lies above the village of Boho in western Fermanagh and covers much of Belmore Mountain. Belmore Mountain with a summit roughly 398 metres, is the second highest point in Fermanagh and provides breathtaking views of Boho, Lower Lough Erne, Lough Navar and to the east, Brougher Mountain with its distinctive television masts on […]

The early Christian Monastery and round tower at Devenish is one of Ireland’s most iconic historical sites. The monastery is beautifully located on an island on Lower Lough Erne and is open to boat owners or can be reached by ferry or water bus. On-site facilities include toilets and an extensive exhibition area. Devenish Monastic […]

Ely Lodge Forest is located approximately 6 miles north west of Enniskillen on the shores of Lower Lough Erne. The forest extends over 250 hectares and is a delightful mixture of both native deciduous and coniferous tree species. The forest is rich in wildlife and is steeped in a history dating back to the 17th […]

This tranquil Lough located not far from Cavan Burren Park is part of a complex system of underground rivers associated with the limestone landscapes of this area. Scientific research has confirmed that water from Garvagh Lough disappears underground and flows to the Shannon Pot. Interpretation and parking available on site.

The narrow-steep sided gorge of the Cladagh Glen is one of the most picturesque sites in the Geopark, as the Cladagh River re-emerges from its underground journey through the Marble Arch Caves. The woodland is a tiny remnant of the ashwoods that once covered much of Ireland, so many of the trees you can see […]

Whitefathers Cave is located just outside the village of Blacklion on the N16 Enniskillen – Sligo road. This cave  is an excellent  example of the hundreds of kilometres of cave systems which lie beneath Cavan and Fermanagh. This cave and its environs gives visitors an excellent insight into cave formations. The surrounding woodland dominated by […]

The Marble Arch Caves is one of the finest show caves in Europe. Visitors are guided through a fascinating natural underworld of rivers, waterfalls, winding passages and lofty chambers while stunningly beautiful cave formations glisten all around.  Almost 1.5 million people have visited and enjoyed the Marble Arch Caves guided tour…why not click here to plan […]

       Cavan Burren Park is a mythical, spiritual landscape of monuments, megalithic tombs, hut sites and pre-bog walls all of which survive from pre-historic times and are located within metres of each other. The Park offers stunning views of Cuilcagh Mountain, West Cavan and the greater Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark.  A new visitor centre interpreting the […]

Lough Navar Forest is undoubtedly one of the jewels in the Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark. Located approximately 5km outside the village of Derrygonnelly, this spectacular forest extends across 2,600 hectares of bog; heath; open water; native woodland; and coniferous forest.  The forest is rich in natural and historical antiquities and is owned by the Forest Service of Northern Ireland. […]

In flowing to the sea, rivers try to deepen their valleys to the same level as the sea. Old and mature rivers tend to have broad flat river beds whilst younger rivers are characterised by waterfalls and rapids. This is especially the case in the upper reaches of rivers at Tullydermot Falls. Tullydermot Falls are […]

Castle Caldwell Forest is a 200 hectare mixed broad-leaf and coniferous lowland forest located on a peninsular along the northern shores of Lower Lough Erne. Castle Caldwell is an outstanding site, both for its  peninsular position on the shores of Lower Lough Erne and also for the remnants of the estate itself. The name of the castle actually […]

As the surface rising of Ireland’s longest river, the Shannon Pot’s fame can be traced back to the legendary Finn MacCool and the Fianna, the great warriors of Irish mythology. Legend has it that Síonnan, ,the daughter of Lodan (a son of the Celtic God of the Sea, Lír), came to the Shannon Pot in […]