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Tullydermot Falls

Tullydermot Waterfalls

Tullydermot Waterfall

In flowing to the sea, rivers try to deepen their valleys to the same level as the sea. Old and mature rivers tend to have broad flat river beds whilst younger rivers are characterised by waterfalls and rapids. This is especially the case in the upper reaches of rivers at Tullydermot Falls.

Tullydermot Falls are located just off the N87 Swanlinbar – Enniskillen road on the road to Glangevlin (R200).  Click here for directions via google maps. The falls occur in the upper reaches of the Claddagh River, a tributary of the Erne River, which flows eastwards from its source in the Cuilcagh Mountains towards Swanlinbar.

The falls are caused by the action of the water on the underlying bedrock which consists of alternating layers of hard sandstones and softer shales. The fast flowing river erodes the soft rock leading to the undercutting of the overlying hard rock.

This Geopark attraction with access path, car parking and information panel provides wonderful up close views of this amazing waterfall. Located under the shadow of Cuilcagh Mountain why not take in Tullydermot Falls on a tour of this very scenic area. Nearby attractions include he prehistoric landscapes of Cavan Burren Park, the Marble Arch Caves and The Shannon Pot – the source of the mighty and mystical River Shannon.