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With a rich abundance of natural resources teamed with some of the very best facilities, the Marble Arch Caves UNESCO Global Geopark is the perfect location for an activity holiday or just to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Given the spectacular and unique landscapes the Geopark has to offer, it is hardly surprising that outdoor recreational activities are an extremely important part of the Geopark. The vast expanses of open water and the rugged landscapes lend themselves effortlessly to an array of diverse water and land based activities where there is something to suit everyone regardless of their interests or level of ability.

At all our sites we promote the Leave No Trace Principles as well as the Geopark Code.

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The Geopark has an extensive network of high quality walking trails with rambling country lanes, winding forest tracks, breathtaking mountain walks or tranquil lakeshore paths all within easy reach. Interpretation panels are located at the beginning of most walks; providing a map of the route and indicating features of interest to look out for along […]