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caver nr wet entranceThe rich limestone geology of Fermanagh and Cavan along with thousands of years of Earth processes, have  created a unique and spectacular underground world of caves and potholes.  Access to the caves in Geopark  sites  is strictly controlled for safety and conservation reasons and cavers should get permission from the    landowner  for any caves outside the Geopark.  Cave exploration must only be carried out by trained cavers  using the correct  equipment and with a thorough knowledge of the area and its cave systems as most of the  caves within the  Geopark are wet with active underground streamways that may rise quickly during heavy rain.

 Some of the commonly used areas are the Tullybrack-Belmore Uplands and the Cuilcagh Mountain area. Caving  within the Geopark is widely regarded as an extremely enjoyable but challenging activity that allows cavers to  appreciate the underground beauty of the region.  Caving is typically carried out by groups of experienced  cavers or through activity centres that are ideal for the beginner or those not familiar with the area.  For those  who would prefer a more controlled visit to a cave environment then a guided tour of the Marble Arch Caves is  the perfect way to satisfy even the most curious visitor.



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