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Canoeing and Cruising

There is one commodity that is not is short supply within the Geopark and that is water and, more significantly, waterways which have been sensitively developed to create the perfect environment for boating or cruising holidays.  The rivers, lakes and canals in the Geopark region are part of one of Europe’s longest networks of inland waterways accessible for cruising. No specialist knowledge or qualifications are required to hire cruisers or day boats – just common sense.

Apart from the remarkable scenery and splendid boating facilities, there are a range of other attractions and activities to explore along the waterway.  For the more energetic water lovers canoeing and kayaking are a fantastic alternative way of exploring the waterways of Fermanagh and Cavan, particularly on Lough Erne, Lough MacNean or Lough Oughter.

Canoeing in the Geopark

Canoeing in the Geopark

The Lough Erne Canoe Trail is a 50km trail, spanning Upper and Lower Lough Erne, and is definitely  worth exploring.  With ten access points at various locations across the Erne system, canoeists can choose to paddle the entire trail or just a section.  Only suitably qualified and experienced individuals should undertake canoeing or kayaking trips.  Alternatively, there are a number of activity centres locally who will provide a trained leader and all the equipment necessary to ensure a safe and pleasant canoe trip for beginners.

Visit Cavan Canoe Centre, just outside Butlersbridge for canoe and kayak hire or guided canoe tours. From here you have access by water to the vast Lough Oughter waterways – a Special Area of Conservation  – and home to a variety of flora and fauna. The famous Clough Oughter Castle is not far from here and easy to paddle to. Cavan Canoe Centre cater for groups, families, individuals, school groups and children. Cavan Canoe Centre also offer boat trips around the lake and out to the island Castle of Clough Oughter.

Clogh Oughter Castle in the Geopark

Clogh Oughter Castle

Cavan Canoe Centre, Carrawtraw, Butlersbridge, County Cavan t: +353 (0)87 290 5952 e:

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